Message Therapy

Swedish Massage

Experience full body relaxation that relieves stress and eases tension. This classic massage uses gliding and kneading strokes to calm your nervous system and quiet your mind. Pressure usually varies from light to medium levels depending on your needs and preferences and the area being worked on.

60 minute: $80

90 minute: $115

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, firm, penetrating strokes to target muscle tension and pain. Your massage will address target areas using a combination of neuromuscular techniques, facilitated stretching, and trigger point therapy


60 minute: $90

90 minute: $130

Therapeutic Massage

This option is designed as a weekly or biweekly treatment for a specific condition such as anxiety, depression, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and other conditions improved by massage. We will work with your healthcare team to develop a therapeutic plan, record your progress and assess the efficacy of treatment at regular intervals.


30 minute: $40

Prenatal Massage

A relaxing and therapeutic massage to reduce nausea, headaches, stress and pain. Massage during pregnancy improves your quality of sleep and reduces anxiety and depression. Our certified therapist is trained to safely administer massage throughout your entire pregnancy. There are some conditions and situations where massage is not indicated or requires a note from your doctor. Always consult your medical professional if you have questions before starting therapy.


60 minute: $85

90 minute: $120


Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage

Experience total relaxation as warm bamboo glides over your skin. This treatment can be more intense than traditional deep tissue massage. Bamboo retains heat better than standard hot stones and allows for a deeper, more targeted session. After the therapist applies oil using Swedish techniques, the bamboo is used to press, stretch, and knead muscles while the soothing heat melts tension.


60 minute: $100

90 minute: $140

Chair Massage

A mobile massage service for groups and events. Participants receive a massage that focuses on your neck, shoulders and back while seated. Individual sessions are typically 10-30 minutes. Book chair massage for your next convention, as a reward for accomplishing company goals, or to increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. Please call to get pricing and availability for your next event!