Float Spa

Reduce stress, pain, and tension by simply floating.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying back in a pool, just…floating. It feels good, doesn’t it? Peaceful and calming to both your mind and body. Would you believe floating in a special pod can be clinically therapeutic, especially when combined with a full body massage?


Scientists and therapists have utilized float therapy for decades, but its benefits have only recently come into the public awareness. Within a specially constructed float therapy pod that closes out light and sound, you will experience peaceful weightlessness while you drift into a totally relaxed state. This state facilitates healing and repair at a cellular level while your mind is utterly free of distractions and pain.

Physical Benefits

Without gravity compressing your joints and soft tissue, your entire body is able to relax in a way that is simply impossible under constant gravitational pull. We achieve this feeling of weightlessness by adding 900 pounds of Epsom salt to water warmed to the same temperature as your skin, thus allowing you to effortlessly remain on the surface of water. The calming condition lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and extinguishes your fight or flight response. The Magnesium works to repair your nervous system while it’s calm, improving its efficiency.


Many professional athletes are discovering the efficacy of float therapy. Tom Brady maintains a float pod in his home, and many Patriots and Seahawks used floatation in preparation for the Super Bowl. Athletes reported benefits such as

● Reduced inflammation

● Reduced pain in muscles, and joints

● Lowered blood pressure

● Enhanced focus 

Float therapy improved chronic pain, tension headaches, and fatigue. It has also shown promise as part of integrated therapy dealing with substance abuse.

Mental Benefits

Speaking of enhanced focus, our brains constantly scan and analyze our external environment while simultaneously running health checks and supervising our internal systems. That’s a very unfocused state of mind! As we remove stimuli, such as gravity, light, sound, and pressure, we remove the brain’s need to stay vigilant against exterior threats, allowing the release of endorphins, leading to a euphoric state.


Float therapy assists with achieving a meditative state, allowing even beginners to calm their minds and thoughts. With body aches lessened and a quieter brain, the focus necessary to gain the benefits of meditation is enhanced. As you learn what to expect from the experience and how to let go and relax, the questions, anticipation, and expectations will dissipate giving more space for mindfulness and self exploration.

National Institute of Health research proves meditation can

● Lower blood pressure

● Ease anxiety and depression

● Improve energy levels

● Enhance creativity

● Bring about deeper and more restful sleep


The endorphins brought on by a float experience create feelings of euphoria, hope, joy, bliss, and generally positive well being. A 2006 study published in the International Journal of Stress Management demonstrated that float therapy lowered stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing sleep and optimism for up to four months after therapy concluded.


Session Times

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes