About MFT

Changing The World One Family at a Time

Integrative Approach

We're a collaborative group of counselors devoted to the reconciliation of relationships and the healing process of individuals.


Metro Family Therapy uses an integrative approach to mental health treatment including Counseling, neuropsychological evaluations, custody and Court and legal involvement, Children services such as play therapy and TF- CBT, Nutrition management, therapeutic yoga, massage therapy, float spa therapy, EMDR and somatic therapy.

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Changing Your Mindset

We believe that every person deserves their own space at some point, where they can be themselves without having to worry about what others think about them.


Counseling provides that opportunity to find our true selves within, and heal from an difficult journey. Seeking help during tough times is not something to feel shy about; in fact it’s an act of courage and a desire to live more fully.


Couples Therapy, Career Counseling, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Immigration Counseling, Multi-cultural Counseling, Substance Abuse, EDMR, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Massage Therapy & More.


We also do treatments for the following:  ADHD, adjustment and attachment disorders, crisis intervention, PTSD, conflict resolution, mood disorders, stress management, grief, health concerns, as well as,  panic and phobias


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